January 8, 2024

A New Year, a New Journey! Here's to Shesha!

After 18 months of passionate dedication, we're thrilled to unveil Shesha – the fastest way to craft bespoke business applications.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Shesha!

Derived from the local Zulu slang, meaning 'faster', this project has been our labor of love. Shesha is not just another open-source application framework; we think it's a game-changer, and the fastest way to build business applications tailor-made for .NET developers!

The journey to Shesha's launch has been an exciting one. Our dedicated team has toiled tirelessly behind the scenes for over 18 months, and we're thrilled to finally share the fruits of our labor with you. While it's not flawless and still a work in progress, we believe that now is the time to get it into your hands, gather feedback, and welcome a vibrant community into the Shesha family.

Shesha is the evolution of an internal application development framework that originated at Boxfusion, a South African software ISV with a track record of delivering award-winning products for government clients. It was born out of the need to do more with less, handle the challenges of scarce technical talent, and meet ever-growing client expectations. Shesha embodies our vision of how business application development on the .NET platform should be - efficient, powerful, and accessible to all.

Our confidence in Shesha is rooted in real-world experience. We've used it to craft a diverse range of applications, from ticketing and booking management to project operations and health information systems. Throughout this journey, we've fine-tuned Shesha based on our experiences, and the results speak for themselves - it has allowed us to slash our codebase by more than 80% compared to traditional development methods.

Launching an open-source project is a new adventure for us, and it comes with its share of excitement and butterflies in our stomachs. But the time has come to take that leap and present Shesha to the community. We're eager to find out if other .NET developers share our philosophy for making business application development on .NET simpler and faster.

So, with hearts full of hope, we release Shesha into the wild, with all our love. We eagerly await your feedback and hope to see your valuable contributions in 2024 and beyond!

Let's embark on this Shesha-rific journey together!

Happy Shesha-ing! 🚀🎉